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Discussion in 'Kawasaki' started by Chris, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Chris

    Chris Administrator

    Anyone else have a brute force? What are some things I should do to keep my 2005 brute in tip top shape !?

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  2. 2Kings

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  3. Dan

    Dan Active Member

    I don't have a brute but I've always been a Kawasaki fan for the HP to the buck. That motors finicky with what oil it likes. Find a good synthetic that doesn't puke into your air box under full throttle and stick with it keeping it changed regularly just like anything else. They seem to like to overheat, a few guys I know have switched the coolant to engine ice or water wetter to help out in the summer time. Otherwise just regular maintenance makes them a pretty reliable machine! I know there are some pretty common mods that people do to them for longevity that you could find on the mudinmyblood, kawiecentral, or bruteriders forums.
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  4. Dknuckles

    Dknuckles Member

    Differential oil makes sure no water (milky), a-arm bushings, and make sure you check the oil in the engine every time you go out cause like @Dan said they puke oil into the air box. For some reason the pcv is on the back of the motor so when you do a wheelie or steep incline the oil pushes up the vent line. I routed my pcv up under the dash to eliminate that.
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  5. Chris

    Chris Administrator

    Nice @Dan! Only used kawasaki official oil and wet brake fluid and ordered the engine ice and spark plugs they will be installed soon!
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  6. Chris

    Chris Administrator

    I will check the oil before during and after my rides @Dknuckles! Thanks for the explanation!
  7. Chris

    Chris Administrator

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  9. bp405

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    @Chris that's how you roll, LARGE? :eek:
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