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  1. Chris

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    Anyone can crack their engine case and get really bummed about it like me. This happened to me a few months ago and I have been trouble shooting this for a while. Bike was kicking into neutral so bad it loosened the rear motor mounts and the shifter linkage. Bought it with some of these issues but didn't really know what was wrong. So first don't sell or panic! Lol! First lock down your motor mounts, make sure your bike isn't jumping out of gear by adjusting the shifter linkage and you should stabilize the crack. Then clean, sand paper, drill spaced holes and Jb weld like crazy! Then change the oil and get out any metal shavings and what not. Held up about 50 miles of the roughest riding with minimal and no visible oil drip and no sign of weakness!! I call that a Success!! Thanks @2Kings and @MikeR thanks for the "I'm really impressed it held up!" Used some silver engine paint to freshen it up. Note to everyone don't use quick steel!!! It sucks as you can see in one pic. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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    @Chris nice, glad it held up on our ride the other day. Those weren't exactly 30 easy miles either! Not a drop of oil spilled.
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    Oh man that sucks. What caused the crack to form? I don't remember what that spot of the case does structurally wise, I can look at a case in the garage tomorrow. If its not load bearing you might be just fine forever with the JB weld. I've used it in the past to seal up dirt bike cases after they through the chain off and smacked the case. Learned quick a new chain and sprocket set is a hell of a lot cheaper than new case halfs...

    The kawasakis (especially the old 700s) are bad about loosing themselves from the motor mounts. They would egg out and sometimes even tear the motor mount bolt holes for the engine. Would get bad enough to slap your leg or jump out of gear under throttle, lol. All that power and no good way to hold it in the frame...
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  4. Chris

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    The whole engine shifting inside the frame when it popped out of gear and I slammed it back in! I hope it lasts forever!
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    Glad you didn't sell it! I would have ended up buying and fixing it lol figured I'd be a nice guy a do my good deed for the day lol
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    Thanks a lot @Dknuckles ! It made my day! I wonder how different your fix would have been!?
  7. Dknuckles

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    I probably would have done the same thing jb weld or had it welded lol

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