Diamond Back ATV/UTV carrier

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by bp405, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. bp405

    bp405 Administrator Staff Member

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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Looking good there big Mike. Looking forward to going on a ride w/ you.
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  3. 2Kings

    2Kings Administrator Staff Member

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  4. TheTeZ

    TheTeZ New Member

    that's pretty nice, never seen that before. how long are your ramps?
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  5. bp405

    bp405 Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Tez the ramps are 12' long. Don't have a pic of them but they are heavy duty. They also fold in half and fit in the back of the truck. They are a ladder design and the side rails come up approximately 2" to help prevent possibly driving off the sides of the ramp.
  6. Dan

    Dan Active Member

    Those are awesome! Do you notice the truck seems noticeably more tippy with the wheelers up there? I've seen guys with the back of their truck loaded right up with those.
  7. bp405

    bp405 Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Dan, I really don't feel the wheeler back there when traveling. But then again I am more conscious with it inroute. Its a quality product and extremely sturdy.
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  8. MikeR

    MikeR Administrator

    Looks, amazing... saves so much space from putting it in the bed
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  9. bp405

    bp405 Administrator Staff Member

    @MikeR its a nice deal. Its so nice I don't want to put my dirty quad up there :p. I think I need to pick up a trailer now so my tonneau cover doesn't get scratched :rolleyes:.
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  10. bp405

    bp405 Administrator Staff Member

    So I have had the DB cover on for a little over a year now and have had some trips and experiences to share.

    I have traveled to New Hampshire and West Virginia with the wheeler on the cover. Not to mention the local stuff. I am absolutely pleased with the product and give it an over all grade of a B+!

    Only reason it doesn't get an A is and this is possibly unique to heavier utility ATV's that the tailgate is impossible to open and close with out a couple of buddies or a jack.

    Other then that the quality of the cover and ramps is excellent. Honestly I'm more comfortable riding my wheeler up on top of the DB cover with the 12' arched ramps then in the back of a pickup with straight 8' ramps.

    Only other thing I can say about the cover which is more of a tip then anything is when strapping the wheeler it best to do it in the X pattern then the V pattern. The one time I did strap in the V pattern I had to re-crank the tie-downs.

    So my solution to the tailgate situation was to build a support out of 1"x1" and metal brackets. Here's a couple photos:

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  11. 2Kings

    2Kings Administrator Staff Member

    Nice review @bp405, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to continue to put that thing to use :D
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